One can base the reliable counting of monetary value not only with “the classical gold”, i.e. the element that is under number 79 on the great Table of Elements.

     Though, it is not just a matter of gold, if one speaks about the principle.

     Other elements in the Periodic Table can be used as a standard according to the technology described above, from the list of “white gold” or the precious and valuable platinoids.  Besides platinum itself, there is also palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium, which are resistant to the action of any environment, do not oxidize in the atmosphere and are in demand for technology and for jewelry.  They are as rare in the bowls of the Earth as gold, but already being extracted, like palladium and platinum, in the tens and hundreds of tons. 
And these real kinds of money, the already known silver and gold, and also the above mentioned 

platinoids and other rare elements not mentioned above, are real because they can’t be artificially created by man or by some government.

     It is the inaccessible “earth’s chemistry” of our Lithosphere that is the source of man’s money.  They, these substances, are that boundary and that force which itself serves as a standard, a measure of human activity. That force determines its boundaries, not us.

   This is the ecology of the Lithosphere, the question of balanced relations between man and Nature, the environment and its irreplaceable resources, the right of the next generation to a future that the money ruling the motives of the people who use it can’t remain blind and indifferent to like all the current currencies that have become fiat currencies have after having once and for all been torn away from the metal core of the earth and oriented only on the success of consumption.

     The world has come to a number—number 1 and the chemistry, not alchemy, of the money tied to it.

     Is it ready to really change?

     The inertia of the false money is very great.  The whole world is based on adaptation to it.  That is why it is in a deep and protracted “chronic illness”.

     Does that shaky and conditional world want or can it finally accept that single and universal equivalent of value which brings with it the transparency and clarity in finances that is unendurable for many?

     The moment of truth, like litmus paper, which, like a lie detector, discerns the quality of a true government and its orientation on the overall well being of the people, has come.  Either it is a government that wants the truth of “real money” and confirmation of the laws of objective and independent measurement of labor and capital in the world, or, on the contrary, a government that wants just what is convenient for it.

    It is easier to govern a society that is in a “world of shadows”, in a world of conditional units of a currency and their conditional or temporary value.  In a world of conditional capital with which, however, the government itself has to somehow get along in real life and that reality for which the very real money is vital and important.

     Real money is not only the rule of man.  It is the rule and limitations of the Lithosphere, or the rule not of alchemy, but geochemistry.  But the current era has not yet gotten rid of the pretensions of the rule of the alchemists.

     The alchemists’ rule was the first to dare to find an inexhaustible source of enrichment—money itself.  And all resources were used to do that.

So, not finding a way to create artificial gold, the alchemists created paper. It was accessible and cheap, and very obedient.  And they looked for every possible way to write and to inform about gold on this paper, to put on these sheets of paper different numbers and various information, to make money for the government and its banks. 

     Having been provided with such an information force, with the right to a monopoly on printing such money and monetary paper, the government and banks ordered their citizens to consider this information and these numbers about money as real money itself.   Only later they defined more precisely their significance, having declared them fiat money.   And gradually, not at once, they turned the eyes and hands of people away from the competitor—gold itself.  It is the substance and essence of any money, its core and its quintessence.

    The rule of the “gold eye”.

    But now the moment of truth for society and its earthly government has come.

As is known, no alchemy has any future and any attempts will be futile if they don’t take into consideration the laws of the chemical table.

    Gold, leaving the alchemic pretensions of the separate currencies overestimating themselves by the wayside, is returning.  It is returning with the desire to help the government undo this tightly tied knot of contradictions.  It is returning with peace and with the proposal of new collaboration, offering its quite modest but knowing its job, unit, a unit for determining value and identification. Its gold eye will maintain order in the world of determining worth, in the world of money.