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Sergey Popravko  
Russian chemist, Ph.D., worldwide is known for his research in chemistry, natural sciences. 
Author of the concept of Universal Gold Unit first registered by patent 2121442 in 1998 in Russia
“The GOLD UNIT is destined to serve for all money and currencies, and it is a direct consequence of the objective law of the development of money, a result of its inner evolution. It’s the common language of money and economy. “ 


Official document - Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2121442 of January 20, 1998 in which the principle and technical solution of a new monetary unit containing 1 gram of gold and serving, with the return of gold to the monetary system, as a universal measure of value.

Also you can read about these solutions in the book Honey and Gold (Publishing House Deich, Moscow 2012) and in the brochure The Gold Unit, as well as in the Russian journal Gold and Technology (No. 4(18), 2012, p.72-82) where a detailed description of the mechanism of the circulation of the new gold unit issued without a face value and of variants of its design is given.

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Universal Gold Unit

Intuitively the world is returning to gold. Examples include Switzerland, which intends to introduce the gold franc, gold coins in the american state of Utah, Chinese yuan, Malaysian gold dinar. But these examples show only the "trend" to gold in the world. None of them carries about the fundamental basis of the universal system for determining the value for all other currencies in the world.

Swiss authorities have shown their intention to introduce, in addition to their paper franc, a gold franc in the form of coins containing 0.1 grams of gold.  A move in the same direction. However the paper banknotes with included gold seem to be more convenient in circulation than coins. The introduction of a new gold unit creates a new system for evaluating the value of cost for currencies in gold - in parts of its mass. Such a system of counting the cost value of currencies with new gold unit  have not been before. But this is the most correct estimation of their true value.


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